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Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
am confused about what i experienced and what i hear other people saying. i was at a local establishment in kansas city full of law students who were really engaged. their reactions were early positive. they felt like he was speaking to them and maybe it is a gender thing. i don't know. between the pundits and agile people who are sitting there and watching and wanting somebody to be talking to them. and we did not feel a connection with romney. >> did you have a reaction or was there some consensus from those your with watching the debate about the style of the debate? we were told by the debate commission that they wanted it to be looser in format, not so 1-minute response and 90-set and rebuttals so that the candidates had more time. did it work? >> i believe that it did. debates are hard to have completely fair. there's always someone speaking last. but i think each candidate had ample time and rebuttals time to put out their thoughts. we did not hear specifics from romney. i think that a lot of the main points are exactly the same. there was talk about the middle class
Oct 11, 2012 10:30pm EDT
local convenience store. there are jobs out there. mr. romney, he spent obama pretty good on the debate last year -- last week. but, mr. romney spoke with fork and on. he said he would create jobs, then get rid of pbs. big bird, ernie, they are as human beings who will lose jobs. he had me convinced i am a hardcore democrat. how can you do that? we are not stupid. we are voters. how can you talk with fork and towns like that and think we will not catch it? >> thank you. we will let you go with that point. on twitter -- next up is burt. caller: hello? i am from lincoln, nebraska. >> go ahead. caller: i want to thank c-span. you do a great job. you let people talk. i think to do a fantastic job. i appreciate that. it is from the heart. i have been a swing voter in the past. i have gone both ways. i thought joe biden was incredibly disrespectful. one of your early comment thirsted a better job than i could ever. his attitude and his demeanor was less than vice-presidential and certainly less than presidential. i was surprised by the other candidate, ryan, who held his own. i thought he did
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2